True story about the creation of Tin Can Pizzeria’s new t-shirts…

Like most people, I love pizza. I also love old trucks. And I really love hand-painted lettering. So, the Tin Can Pizzeria truck really hits a lot of my sweet spots. But for some reason, I’d never gotten around to trying any of their food.

When the owners, Cory and Michelle, asked us to design shirts for them, I knew that I wanted to highlight the classic good looks of the truck, and the beautiful hand-painted scripts that adorn the sides. To do this, I would need photos. So I dropped by the Wedge Brewery, where they set up shop on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.



While I was taking my reference photos, Cory and Michelle were kind enough to make a Margherita (tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil) pizza for me. I ordered it to go, because I had to meet up with another design client before I called it a day. As I was leaving, Michelle advised me to try a slice while the pie was still hot, as it would be best before it cooled.

I took a slice out of the box, and ate it on my way to the parking lot. I got into my truck. And then, I ate the entire pie, right then and there. I couldn’t help it. It was too good.

(Please note that I’m talking about a personal sized pizza, and not some 20″ behemoth. I’m not a monster…)

I can’t recommend their food enough. It’s really, really good. And their new t-shirts aren’t too shabby, either: