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On-Demand Printing Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Stickers Can I Get?

The minimum order is 25 stickers. The maximum order for our On Demand service is 200 stickers. If you need more, please contact us, and we will speak with you directly about placing a custom order.

How Long Will It Take to Get My Stickers?

Most orders can be completed and shipped in 3-5 business days. A lot will depend on the art that you send. If we have to do any work on your art, it might delay the process, and you might incur art charges. Our Art Department will let you know if there are any issues with your art files, before we begin working on them, to give you the chance to address any issues yourself.

What Types of Art Files Can Be Used?

We can accept almost any type of art file, but be advised that the image quality will directly affect the quality of your stickers. We can accept most Vector files (.AI, .EPS, .PDF) and Raster files (.PSD, .TIF, .PNG, .JPG). For best results, the resolution of your art should be at least 300dpi, and your art should be saved at the size that you want for your printed stickers. We can print lower resolution files, but image quality might be noticeable in the final printed product.

In other words, if you send files that look good, you’ll receive good looking stickers. If you send crappy art files, you’re going to get crappy looking stickers. The choice is yours.

I downloaded a copy of a famous logo. Can you print it?

No, we will not.

Pretty Please?

Sorry, but the answer is still no.