It’s been a while since we’ve printed some fresh Image 420 shirts and stickers. Too long, in fact. So here are some of our latest offerings!

First up, we have a reinterpretation of a design from our past. We thought that our beloved mascot “Toadie” might look nice, dressed up as a college mascot from the 1980s. And, as it turns out, we were right! He’s available as a t-shirt and a sticker.






Secondly, we’ve mentioned our new Bride of Frankenstein design in previous posts. We got the chance this week to print her on some shirts, and she looks pretty snazzy:



If you’re interested in picking up a shirt or two for yourself, we have good news! We’re currently holding a Facebook giveaway. The winner takes home both of our new shirts, as well as a “Cesspool of Sin” shirts and some Toadie stickers. All you have to do is Like the post on Facebook, and you’re entered to win. Good luck!