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New Stuff (and a Giveaway)!

It’s been a while since we’ve printed some fresh Image 420 shirts and stickers. Too long, in fact. So here are some of our latest offerings!

First up, we have a reinterpretation of a design from our past. We thought that our beloved mascot “Toadie” might look nice, dressed up as a college mascot from the 1980s. And, as it turns out, we were right! He’s available as a t-shirt and a sticker.






Secondly, we’ve mentioned our new Bride of Frankenstein design in previous posts. We got the chance this week to print her on some shirts, and she looks pretty snazzy:



If you’re interested in picking up a shirt or two for yourself, we have good news! We’re currently holding a Facebook giveaway. The winner takes home both of our new shirts, as well as a “Cesspool of Sin” shirts and some Toadie stickers. All you have to do is Like the post on Facebook, and you’re entered to win. Good luck!

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Brewgrass 2014 and more!

It’s been an extremely busy year here at Image 420. So busy that we’ve neglected our website. Well, no more! Here are some of the projects that we’ve done over the past few months:


The 2014 Brewgrass Festival

We were honored to create a bevy of designs for Asheville’s biggest and best beer festival. Here are three of the designs that were printed on commemorative shirts, and a proposed design that went unused (designs by Brent Baldwin).


Brewgrass 2014 alternate




We’re proud to say that we’ve provided design and print work for the Brewgrass Festival for over a decade. For more designs from years past, visit our design portfolio, or one of our posts about Brewgrass from years past.

CiderFest 2014

Speaking of festivals, CiderFest is a new one on the scene, focusing on the region’s growing craft cider business. We’ve provided the logo design, screen printed shirts, taster glasses, and more since the festival began (designs by Ike Wheeless).





Twisted Apple Ale

Speaking of apple cider, we got the opportunity to brand a new line of local apple ciders and ales. Be on the lookout for Twisted Apple Ale, in stores soon (design by Brent Baldwin).

Twisted Apple

Joe Lasher, Jr.

Here are some shirts designs we worked up for local Country music upstart Joe Lasher, Jr (designs by Ike Wheeless).





Image 420 “Bride of Frankie”

Sometimes, we even get a moment to design something for ourselves. We’ve had a theme of movie monsters running through our “shop” shirts for years. This shirt is intended to be something of a companion piece to our “Frankie” shirts (originally printed back in 2008). It will be available for purchase soon in our online store.


Image 420 "Bride"



There are more new designs over on our Portfolio page, if you’re interested. And for those of you that are interested in learning a bit more about graphic design, we’ve recently updated the most popular page on our website, our Vector Art explanation and diagnosis tutorial. Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Pawnstorm Process Video

This year, we’ve partnered with our friends at Short Street Cakes to sponsor the Chess Club at Hall Fletcher Academy. While printing the shirts and hoodies for the team, one of our printers shot this video of the entire printing process. From the preparation of the screens, to the the finished product, it’s all in here, edited into one bite-bized serving.

So, if you’ve never had the chance to witness the process, now’s your chance.

(note: the creator of the video wished to remain anonymous. However, it’s worth noting that the video, editing, and soundtrack were all produced by him.)


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Best of WNC 2013

For the second year in a row, we’ve had the honor of being selected as one of the best print shops in Western North Carolina by the readers of the Mountain Xpress. Last year, we tied with Henco Reprographics for First Place. In this years poll, we came in second to Henco.

We sort of expected to be in the running for Best Print Shop. And we were flattered that we were chosen. But we were completely shocked to win in another category! Our Graphic Design Department won First Place in the Best Graphic Design category.

As one of the two graphic designers currently employed by Image 420, I’d like to express my appreciation to everyone who voted for us. To be noticed in this way was very meaningful to us.

And thank you to all of the designers that have worked here over the years, especially Tommy and Israel. And not just for your font collections. Everything that I know about design that’s worth knowing, I learned by watching and working with these two dudes.

Again, thank you to everyone who voted for us.


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Our Online Store!

Last year, as some of you might know, we took part in the annual Big Love Festival, a local showcase of WNC artisans and crafters. We had such a good time that when the opportunity to do it again this year came around, we jumped at. We designed and printed a giant batch of unique shirts, boxed them up, and waited for the big day. Which unfortunately, never came. Torrential rain and wind forced the organizers of the event to cancel.

Plans are in the works to reschedule the event for a later date. But, in the meantime, we’re left with a bunch of shirts, and we’re itching to get them out, into the world. So, we’ve finally made the leap into online commerce! Check out our online store:

There, you will find…


•A Special Edition version of our infamous “Cesspool of Sin” shirt, available for purchase online for the first time.



•An ode to our neighborhood (also a multi-color “Special Edition” print).



•A classic rock/classic movie monsters mashup.



•A loving tribute to our home state, at the expense of the states that surround it.


•And, a joke at the expense of “Beer City, USA” itself.

And if you find yourself in our neighborhood, drop by the shop! The shirts are available for purchase at Image 420, as well.