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New Stuff (and a Giveaway)!

It’s been a while since we’ve printed some fresh Image 420 shirts and stickers. Too long, in fact. So here are some of our latest offerings!

First up, we have a reinterpretation of a design from our past. We thought that our beloved mascot “Toadie” might look nice, dressed up as a college mascot from the 1980s. And, as it turns out, we were right! He’s available as a t-shirt and a sticker.






Secondly, we’ve mentioned our new Bride of Frankenstein design in previous posts. We got the chance this week to print her on some shirts, and she looks pretty snazzy:



If you’re interested in picking up a shirt or two for yourself, we have good news! We’re currently holding a Facebook giveaway. The winner takes home both of our new shirts, as well as a “Cesspool of Sin” shirts and some Toadie stickers. All you have to do is Like the post on Facebook, and you’re entered to win. Good luck!

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Our Online Store!

Last year, as some of you might know, we took part in the annual Big Love Festival, a local showcase of WNC artisans and crafters. We had such a good time that when the opportunity to do it again this year came around, we jumped at. We designed and printed a giant batch of unique shirts, boxed them up, and waited for the big day. Which unfortunately, never came. Torrential rain and wind forced the organizers of the event to cancel.

Plans are in the works to reschedule the event for a later date. But, in the meantime, we’re left with a bunch of shirts, and we’re itching to get them out, into the world. So, we’ve finally made the leap into online commerce! Check out our online store:

There, you will find…


•A Special Edition version of our infamous “Cesspool of Sin” shirt, available for purchase online for the first time.



•An ode to our neighborhood (also a multi-color “Special Edition” print).



•A classic rock/classic movie monsters mashup.



•A loving tribute to our home state, at the expense of the states that surround it.


•And, a joke at the expense of “Beer City, USA” itself.

And if you find yourself in our neighborhood, drop by the shop! The shirts are available for purchase at Image 420, as well.


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November Already?

2012 has really flown by at Image 420. It’s only now, as the the year is slowing down, that we realize just how busy this year has been for us. Naturally, in our rush to design and print shirts, we’ve neglected to update our website, and our Facebook profile, and so on. Don’t get us wrong, being too busy to post status updates is a good kind of problem. But now,  with Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to update this blog.

And hey, speaking of Thanksgiving, check out these Turkey Trot shirts we just printed for our good friends and longtime clients at Jus’ Running



The Turkey Trot design is by local designer Christina Papandrea.

Here’s another recent print, for Smoky Mountain Steel Horses, based out of Waynesville, NC. Original designer unknown.


And finally, we’re currently working on a long overdue update to our online portfolio. That should do it for now. Thanks for stopping by!

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Asheville Grown Business Alliance Stickers!

Love Asheville, Go Local

We have the newest “Love Asheville/ Go Local” stickers available at our shop for $1.  Come say hello and grab one for yourself.


The  Asheville Grown Business Alliance is:  “A grassroots organization whose mission is to support locally owned, independent businesses in Asheville, to maintain our unique community character, provide continuing opportunities for entrepreneurs, build community economic strength, and prevent the displacement of community-based businesses by national and global chains.”




Click the image to visit their blog