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Brewgrass 2014 and more!

It’s been an extremely busy year here at Image 420. So busy that we’ve neglected our website. Well, no more! Here are some of the projects that we’ve done over the past few months:


The 2014 Brewgrass Festival

We were honored to create a bevy of designs for Asheville’s biggest and best beer festival. Here are three of the designs that were printed on commemorative shirts, and a proposed design that went unused (designs by Brent Baldwin).


Brewgrass 2014 alternate




We’re proud to say that we’ve provided design and print work for the Brewgrass Festival for over a decade. For more designs from years past, visit our design portfolio, or one of our posts about Brewgrass from years past.

CiderFest 2014

Speaking of festivals, CiderFest is a new one on the scene, focusing on the region’s growing craft cider business. We’ve provided the logo design, screen printed shirts, taster glasses, and more since the festival began (designs by Ike Wheeless).





Twisted Apple Ale

Speaking of apple cider, we got the opportunity to brand a new line of local apple ciders and ales. Be on the lookout for Twisted Apple Ale, in stores soon (design by Brent Baldwin).

Twisted Apple

Joe Lasher, Jr.

Here are some shirts designs we worked up for local Country music upstart Joe Lasher, Jr (designs by Ike Wheeless).





Image 420 “Bride of Frankie”

Sometimes, we even get a moment to design something for ourselves. We’ve had a theme of movie monsters running through our “shop” shirts for years. This shirt is intended to be something of a companion piece to our “Frankie” shirts (originally printed back in 2008). It will be available for purchase soon in our online store.


Image 420 "Bride"



There are more new designs over on our Portfolio page, if you’re interested. And for those of you that are interested in learning a bit more about graphic design, we’ve recently updated the most popular page on our website, our Vector Art explanation and diagnosis tutorial. Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Pawnstorm Process Video

This year, we’ve partnered with our friends at Short Street Cakes to sponsor the Chess Club at Hall Fletcher Academy. While printing the shirts and hoodies for the team, one of our printers shot this video of the entire printing process. From the preparation of the screens, to the the finished product, it’s all in here, edited into one bite-bized serving.

So, if you’ve never had the chance to witness the process, now’s your chance.

(note: the creator of the video wished to remain anonymous. However, it’s worth noting that the video, editing, and soundtrack were all produced by him.)


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Our Ever-Expanding Portfolio

As we’re kicking off 2013, we thought we’d take a moment to highlight a few of the designs that flew a little under the radar, and never received an individual blog post.


Back in August, some of the musicians in the shop decided to bring their various bands together, and put on a show at the Lexington Avenue Brewery. We dubbed the event “The Image 420 Talent Show,” and we had a blast.

We printed some commemorative giveaway shirts for the event, and they had an extremely goofy design, with a bear in Elton John glasses and a captain’s hat, playing a Flying V. We gave all of the shirts away at the show, and made tentative plans to make more at a later date, for those who missed out.

But instead of letting the bear fly solo on the shirt, we decided to design a band for him…

420 Animal Band

As for what this band would sound like, you’re guess is as good as ours. If you’re interested in getting one of these shirts, we have plenty of them available at the shop.

And speaking of music, let’s talk about our friends at Asheville Free Media. This past year, they moved into a new headquarters on Haywood Road. And to commemorate their next phase, they commissioned us to design a new logo:


We also created a logo for Blue Rage of Asheville, a very unique downtown art shop that opened this past year. From their website:

Offering unique vintage and antique items alongside today’s creators and artists celebrates Asheville’s rich history with it’s vibrant community today and promoting tomorrow’s talent.

They asked for a design with an Art Deco feel, to reflect the architecture of downton Asheville. Here’s the design that we came up with for them:


And finally, we come to the Reynolds Middle School Band. As we’ve mentioned before, this is one of our Art Department’s favorite annual projects. The kids present us with a classic rock album cover that they like, and we do a tribute design that includes astronauts and other space program-related ideas, to reflect their school’s mascot (they’re “the Rockets”).

This year, they chose No, by They Might Be Giants:

tmbg no

And here’s the tribute design that we created for them:


As you can see, we do a wide variety of design projects, here at Image 420. And we couldn’t be happier. You can see these designs and more, in our online design portfolio. 


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A.C. Reynolds Middle School Band (UPDATED)

For the fifth year in a row, we’ve designed and printed shirts for the A.C. Reynolds Middle School band. From the start, this project has been surprisingly unique, and has turned into a great shared tradition between us and the band. Every year, we get to do a memorable and unique design for these kids, and it’s a really fun design project for our Art Department.

From the start, the idea began with the band’s director, Greg Love. He wanted themes from classic rock album covers, mashed up with their school’s mascot, the Rockets. He gave our Art Department complete creative license (which we love, obviously). From that great starting point, we decided to use Astronauts as the theme, since we would be able to use them in place of the people on various classic rock album covers.

UPDATED January 24, 2013: The design for the 2012-2013 school year has been added. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more.

For the first year’s design, former Image 420 graphic designer Jeremy Boger chose The Who. After looking through his personal record collection, he chose this album cover as the basis for his design:

the who max rnb

Here is what Jeremy came up with:

And here’s the shirt, modeled by the band:

A simple, direct, and effective design. It was also a huge hit with the kids, so we got the call again the next year. For this design Jeremy started with perhaps the most classic of all classic album covers:

And here is the epic result:

For the third year, the kids became a little more involved in the process of selecting a theme. That was great, because it really let us know that they were into it, and were enjoying their shirts. They gave us a list of potential candidates, and from that list, we chose a slightly more modern classic:

Here’s the result, by graphic designer Israel Hill:

Which brings us to this year. The kids are now “all-in” on the design selection process. They sent one idea, and it was a great idea. The design was to be based around this classic rock poster, for The Grateful Dead:

The kids chose well! In the fourth year of this project, their selections perfectly match the theme, and the things that make it work: a classic design, with a central human figure that can be swapped out with an astronaut. Here’s the result, by designer Brent Baldwin:

UPDATE!  For the 2012-2013 school year, the kids chose No, by They Might Be Giants. Here is the original cover:

tmbg no

And here is the tribute design, by Brent Baldwin:


So, once again, we’d like to thank the kids of the A.C. Reynolds Middle School Band, and their director, Greg Love, for letting us make these shirts for them every year. As designers, and lovers of classic design, it’s so much fun to work on designs like this. And it’s great to be have the creative flexibility and trust that we’ve been given by these kids. We hope to do many more of these fantastic shirts in the future.

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Brewgrass 2012

Once again, summer has begun it’s slow transition into fall, and for us, that means one thing: it’s time to print Brewgrass shirts. And glasses. And stickers. And so on.

For the 16th year of this venerable Asheville festival, we created a very flexible and textured design, so that with one simple ink change, looks completely different on the four available shirt colors.

We’re extremely proud to be the people responsible for the design and the printing of these shirts since 2001.

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The Image 420 Talent Show!

The people that work at Image 420 have always been a multitalented bunch. Many types of artists, visual, musical and otherwise, spend their days here, making t-shirts for the good people of Western North Carolina. And this Saturday, some of us are banding together, to bring you one of the craziest live music shows you’ll ever see.

The show will be at the Lexington Avenue Brewery. The doors open at nine, and the music starts at 9:30. There will be bluegrass, courtesy of screen printer Josh Holton. There will be Hip Hop, from local legend MC Huggs. There will be experimental surf rock, with the first show by Nick Marshall’s new band Ouroboros Boys. There will be indie rock, courtesy of graphic designer Brent Baldwin, and his band Albatross Party. And there will be the whiskey-marinated, dirty rock and roll of Gutterhound, featuring the guitar stylings of Joey Cain.

There will also be t-shirt giveaways (naturally), and more surprises as well. So come on out to the show! We’d love to see you there.

Click here to feed our egos, by joining our Facebook event page. 

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Who went to the zombie walk last weekend? We had a few staff members representing, wandering about trying to find brains to feast upon.  We also printed their cast member shirts which turned out great!  We were able to keep the colors vibrant and the final product looks quite zombie-ish as a result.  The illustration was done by Gabriel Schaffer.

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Leaf Festival 2011

Here is a small sampling of the apparel available at  LEAF this year.  This fest is a good time with a little bit of something for everyone.  Live music, drum circles, live music, healing arts, crafts, good food, acrobatics set against the beautiful backdrop of a lake surrounded by changing leaves.  Perfect! Head over to to get more info.

And a big THANK YOU! to Mary Ellen Bush (, the designer off all these awesome shirts and such! She works with us every year to make sure all the details are correct and everyone is happy.  This year she sent over some kind words and we surely appreciate it:

“All the items look fabulous! Thanks so much for all of the hard work and time and adjustments you guys made for us. I appreciate your flexibility, professionalism and your calm attitude as always!”

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This glass is full of Vitamin Water. This is not the intended purpose of this glass. But come Saturday, this glass, and thousands just like it, will fulfill their destinies, by being filled with delicious craft beer from all over America, at the 15th annual Brewgrass Festival.

We’ve had the honor of providing the shirts, taster glasses, logos and commemorative designs for the Brewgrass Festival for many, many years. And this year, we’re giving away two free tickets to the festival!

For your chance to win, all you have to do is head over to our Facebook page, and tell us, in twenty words or less, why you should be the lucky duck that walks out of our office this afternoon with two tickets to Brewgrass. The winner must be at least 21 years of age, and must be able to come by our office and pick up the tickets by 5:00pm today.

The contest ends at 3:00pm, so don’t wait! And now, here are some more pictures we snapped of the many shirts that we designed and printed for this year’s festival.