About Us

Image 420 was founded in 1995 on the belief that screenprinting can be an art form, an advertising media, and a vehicle for the growth of any business or organization. We take pride in our ability to take the ideas and images brought to us by our customers, and turn them into wearable, useable art.


We have served the city of Asheville, NC, and its surrounding communities since 1995.

We have several presses, from small hand presses to large automatics, so we can print everything from small one-color jobs, all the way to large, multi-colored photographic images.  Most jobs can be completed within ten business days of your order.

We have our own in-house graphic design staff, ready to assist you in bringing your ideas to completion. Our designers use computer software as well as traditional illustration and layout skills to take your concept – no matter how rough – and carry it through to the final printed piece.

We also supply a wide variety of promotional items, as well. Too wide a variety, in fact, to be listed here. From pens to coffee mugs, magnets to banners. We can have your logo printed on almost anything.